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Safety is paramount to any medical procedure, including aesthetic procedures undertaken by Dr Cosmetic Clinic. Recognising and dealing with complications are what set apart good practitioners. Aesthetic medicine is poorly regulated in the UK, opening the door to under-qualified individuals to become injectors. When searching for a good aesthetic clinic, make sure that the injector is appropriately qualified and experienced in dealing with emergencies. Aesthetic procedures are relatively safe, however complications are not uncommon. The good news is that most complications are reversible if recognised at an early stage and dealt with. Most of the horror stories in the press are the results of unexperienced injectors unable to recognise the red flags.

Dermal filler is the main cause of concern in this poorly regulated industry. Dr Cosmetic Clinic is run by an experienced & insured doctor and surgeon trained in advanced aesthetic procedures. The best way to deal with complications is to avoid them in the first place. Using a safe technique and being familiar with the anatomy of the face should significantly reduce the risk of complications. Nevertheless, Dr Cosmetic Clinic has access to a special enzyme that can reverse most of the unfortunate complications encountered with dermal fillers. 

The second important aspect of safety is choosing your products, which we will cover in the next section.



Dr Cosmetic Clinic only uses high-end products that are worldwide approved and have been proven to be safe. Unfortunately, the market has been flooded over the last few years with cheap and hazardous products that have not been appropriately tested. These cheap products have made it possible for some clinics to cut down on their prices. Dr Cosmetic Clinic has managed to keep its prices competitive without compromising safety and product quality.


What dermal filler do we use?

Dr Cosmetic Clinic uses the brand Restylane® by Galderma for dermal fillers. Galderma is one of the oldest and most innovative companies in the field of dermal fillers. Restylane® was introduced in 1996 and is deemed to be one of the safest dermal fillers. This high safety profile is backed up by a lot of research studies over the last 20 years.


​Why Profhilo®?

Profhilo® is one of our very popular products that won the price of the Aesthetic Award for Innovation. This product is widely used across the globe due to its impressive results. It is a type of dermal filler that is used in specific ways for skin rejuvenation. Dr Cosmetic Clinic has decided to adopt Profhilo® treatment due to its immense popularity and reputation among aesthetic practitioners.

What Anti-Wrinkle injections do we use? And why not Botox®?

Most people are familiar with the popular brand Botox® by Allergan. Botox® is made of  Botulinum Toxin which causes relaxation of the muscle. There are many other companies that make Botulinum Toxin under a different brand name. For example, Bocouture® is produced by Mertz company located in Germany. Bocouture® is almost identical to Botox®, however, Bocouture® is an innovative Botulinum Toxin formulation, in which the protein impurities have been removed by an extensive purification process. Bocouture is also more stable at room temperature and doesn't need to be stored in the fridge, unlike its predecessor Botox®. Therefore Bocouture is the product of choice in Doctor Cosmetic Clinic even though we might have interchangeably used the word Botox® in other parts of this website. Bocouture® has been tested and approved for aesthetic use, while being backed up by the very positive patient feedback.

​What is so special about our PDO threads?

PDO threads come in different shapes and sizes and some of them are very cheap but have almost zero lifting capacity. That is why Dr Cosmetic Clinic uses expensive barbed threads that are specially designed for anchoring and lifting the skin. These PDO threads are made by a famous Swedish company called V Soft Lift®.  An innovative feature of the V Soft Lift® PDO threads, is the fact that the threads are mounted on a blunt cannula rather than a sharp needle. Unlike conventional PDO threads with sharp needles, V Soft Lift® blunt cannulas are less likely to damage blood vessels which reduce the risk of bruising and swelling.

What Fat-Dissolver do we use?

Deso-body and Deso-face are fat-dissolvers used for the body and double chin respectively. These products are the new generation of fat-dissolvers and are made of Deoxycholic Acid that will dissolve the fat under the skin. Unlike other fat-dissolvers, Deso-body and Deso-face are made of two different concentrations of Deoxycholic Acid which are better titrated for injecting the face or the rest of the body.

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Bocouture botox anti wrinkle injections
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