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THE only FDA approved Eyelash serum




99% Efficacy

free delivery

FDA approved

Lumigan eyelash growth serum for longer, darker & thicker eyelashes
Lumigan eyelash serum for longer, darker & thicker eyelashes

FREE delivery

Lumigan Eyelash Serum 1 month-supply

1 box contains 30 single-dose containers and 30 daily disposable applicator brushes.

What is Lumigan®?

Lumigan is a prescription-only medicine for eyelashes growth. In the USA it is available under the name Latisse which is the only FDA approved drug for eyelash growth. The FDA is the Food and Drug Administration in the USA which belongs to the department of health. Lumigan had to go through rigorous tests and safety checks to become FDA approved.

When can I see the effects?

It takes around 10 to 30 days of application to notice a growth in the eyelashes. The maximal effect is noticed at 16 weeks.

Why Lumigan® Eyelash Serum really works?

Unlike other non-medical Eyelash Serum, Lumigan really works! Lumigan is made by Allergan which is the same pharmaceutical company that made Botox. Lumigan was originally prescribed for the treatment of glaucoma patients. However, glaucoma patients using this eye drop were found to have a significant increase in the length and thickness of their eyelashes. This amazing effect on eyelashes, made Allergan company relabel the drug for cosmetic use. Lumigan was so efficient for eyelash growth, that it became the first and only eyelash serum in the world to be FDA approved in the USA.

Several studies have proved that using Lumigan will make your eyelashes:

  • 25% Longer

  • 106% Thicker

  • 18% Darker

How to apply Lumigan®?

Lumigan is applied once a day to the base of the upper eyelashes for the first 16 weeks. You should NOT apply it to the lower eyelashes. When purchasing Lumigan, we will provide you with daily disposable applicator brushes to use. After 16 weeks you can reduce the use of Lumigan (Bimatroprost 0.03%) to twice per week. For some users, 3x Times per week might be necessary to maintain their results. Watch the tutorial video for more information.

How Lumigan® works? and what is it made of?

Lumigan is made of Bimatoprost which is a Prostaglandin analogue. Lumigan will change the hair cycle so that hairs spend longer growing. The lashes won't grow faster, however they will grow for longer. Therefore putting it on more often won't make it work faster and putting a lot on won't make it work better.

Lumigan is applied to the base of the upper eyelashes once a day for the first 16 weeks. Once you have achieved the desired length and thickness, you can move to the maintenance dose and reduce it to every other day.

What happens if I decide to stop Lumigan® application?

The growth effect is likely reversible once you stop using Lumigan and will slowly return to their previous appearance. You will need to continue using it if you wish to maintain your eyelash growth.

Why Lumigan® is not available in beauty stores or websites?

Lumigan is a prescription-only medicine, therefore you will need a Doctor prescription to buy it. This is why Lumigan is not sold in beauty stores or on the internet to the wide population.


How to buy Lumigan®?

While purchasing Lumigan you will be asked to complete an online medical questionnaire. The questionnaire will be reviewed by our Doctor for approval before being dispatched to your address. You will get a supply of Lumigan with daily disposable applicator brushes.

Are Lumigan® and Latisse® the same?

Lumigan and Latisse are exactly the same drugs, they are both made of Bimatoprost 0.03% and they are both made by the same company Allergen. To simply things, it is exactly the same bottle with two different names. In the USA, Bimatoprost is available under the name Latisse while in the UK it is available under the name Lumigan. Lumigan is currently licensed in the UK  for glaucoma use and is being used off-label for eyelash growth. It is common practice for Doctors in the UK to prescribe off label drugs if the drug is proven safe, efficacious and there are no alternative licensed drugs for the same indication, which is the case with Lumigan.

Is Lumigan® safe?

Lumigan is FDA approved as it was proved to be safe after extensive researches. Trials have taken place over a 13 year period and involved 5000 patients. These have shown that is safe and showed an improvement in the eyelash quality.

Can I use Lumigan® with contact lenses?

We recommend removing your contact lenses before applying Lumigan and not to re-insert them for at least 30 minutes. Lumigan contains a preservative called Benzalkonium Chloride, which may be absorbed by your contact lenses and may lead to irritation of your eyes. We also recommend applying Lumigan before bedtime so it would not be a problem for most.

Can Lumigan® affect my eyesight? Is it harmful if I get it in my eyes?

Lumigan was originally intended to be used in the eye before using it for eyelashes. If Lumigan was accidentally instilled in your eye it won't affect your eyesight or harm your eyes. By following the instructions, Lumigan should be applied to the eyelashes and not instilled into the eye.

Can I use it with mascara or eyelash extensions?

Lumigan can be used along with mascara and eyelash extensions. It is important to note that Lumigan does not work in place of mascara.

What happens if I miss an application?

If you miss an application just apply the treatment the next day and stay on schedule. Don't try to apply more to catch up.

After ordering Lumgian®, what will be delivered in the parcel?

You will have delivered to your address a parcel containing one box or 3 boxes (depending on your order) of Lumigan Eyelash Serum. Each box will contain 30 single-dose containers of the products and 30 daily disposable applicator brushes. Discard the opened single-dose container immediately after use. Once the pouch is open, the single-dose containers should be used within 30 days. The applicator brushes are also single-use.

Can I return the product if I change my mind?

Lumigan will be prescribed in your name and therefore can not be returned or refunded.

How to store Lumigan®?

Lumigan is stored at room temperature between 2° to 25°. It doesn't need to be stored in the fridge.

What are the side effects?

The majority of individuals using Lumigan will experience no side effects if they follow the application instructions and apply it only to the UPPER eyelashes. Common side effects include eye redness (3.6%), itchy eyes (3.6%), skin hyperpigmentation (2.9%), irritation to the surface of the eyes and reduction of periorbital fat. Darkening of the eyelid skin, darkening of the pupil (rare) and reduction of periorbital fat may be irreversible.

What should I do I have a side effect?

Stop using Lumigan and inform Dr Cosmetic Clinic or your GP. There is no harm stopping the eyelash serum suddenly.

What should I do if I become pregnant or start breast-feeding?

You should stop using Lumigan.

Can I continue using Lumigan® if I start taking a new eye drop?

Most of eye drops won't interfere with Lumigan. Nevertheless, you should always inform the doctor prescribing your eye drop about your eyelash serum. Alternatively you can inform Dr Cosmetic Clinic and we will advise you depending on the information you provide us.

Can I continue using Lumigan® if I develop an new eye problem or disease?

Except for few conditions you should be able to continue using Lumigan. Nevertheless you should always inform your eye doctor that you are using the eyelash serum so they can advise you if you are still suitable to keep using Lumigan. Alternatively you can inform Dr Cosmetic Clinic and we will advise you depending on the information you can provide us.

Can everyone have Lumigan®?

Lumigan® is a safe product however there are few people who need to avoid it:

  • Allergy to Lumigan® or other Prostaglandin analogues.

  • Allergy to other preserved eye drops containing Benzalkonium Chloride.

  • Allergy to Sodium Phosphate, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide or Hydrochloric Acid.

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women.

  • Individuals younger than 18.

  • Glaucoma patients already using another Protgalandin analogue (for example Latanoprost, Xalatan, Monopost, Travatan, Saflutan, Xalacom, Duotrav, Ganfort)

  • Any active eye disease, including intraocular inflammation (uveitis) and macular oedema. Anyone with previous serious eye disease is likely to not receive treatment.

What are the other treatment options?

Having no treatment is an option worth considering before committing yourself to any treatment. Eyelash Serum efficacy doesn't decrease with age and therefore can be started whenever you're ready.

There are other eyelash serums on the markets and their efficacy can fluctuate from one person to another. Some of the Eyelash Serum on the market are XLash Serum, RevitaLash Serum and many others. These eyelashes can be bought directly from their relevant website and are not sold on our website. We have no data about their efficacy and we hold no responsibility if you decide to try these eyelash serums.

Lumigan Eyelash Serum 3 month-supply

Save £55 when you buy 3 boxes & 3 months' supply.

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Lumigan eyelash growth serum for longer, darker & thicker eyelashes

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Amazing product! My eyelashes grew longer and thicker within just 3 weeks!





I have tried many eyelash serums in the past with little effect. Lumigan eyelash serum was a game changer. It was easy to use and  it had a significant effect on my eyelashes.





If you have to spend the money on one product for your eyelashes then Lumigan is the one. I'm currently using it with my mum and we both noticed that our eyelashes have become longer and darker.





I'm very happy with the results and I would certainly recommend Lumigan to grow your eyelashes.





Great customer service and the Lumigan eyelash serum was delivered to my door within just 3 days. 





I have stopped using my fake eyelashes. I'm happy with my natural eyelashes since using Lumigan.

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